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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Ways to Make your Own Way to Guest Blogging - Tech WebSite Ranking

You must have been through the thought of being famous repeatedly, but how? Guest Blogging is really an impressive way. If you are following it, it means you are on the right track. However, here you would want to make sure that your article is being read and your time and efforts are in going in
vain. You also must make sure of the strength and the type (niche) of your audience. It is not difficult to write a guest blog which attracts viewers.

Check on the Website Traffic

It is so good to here when you are asked for a guest post. However, before that you need to keep a check on these points. Alexa is a good way to check the sites standing in the market. Lower the rank is, better is it’s standing. If you are a beginner, site ranking somewhere 300,000 would be fine. But if you have already an established site, in that case you would want look at something around 100,000. Also, you need to check the site owner’s followership on social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter. They should have at least 4,000 to 10,000 followers on Twitter and on Facebook at the minimum 6000. After you have checked all the aspects and the number game to understanding the position of the site you may proceed with your guest blogging.

Put more Emphasis on your Favorite Niche Site

If you are the one who will approach or the one who will give permission, very important thing to focus on is content for guest blogging. After checking out all the aspects you must scan the site’s visitor’s area of interest, which must suit yours as well. For example if you have technical interest, you would want to look at a site which is into selling or solution providing for the same.

Opt for Matching Guest Blog

This is a very good idea for the people who do not want to check for the sites looking for guest bloggers and directly want it to be served on to their plates. There are specific sites where you are allowed to display your unpublished blog, and if and when your blog is needed by any site or matches their requirement, it is picked by them and posted. Sites like BloggerLinkUp and MyBlogGuest are good options to explore for both the blogger and the website.